The Three Stooges Movie Johnny Depp

The Three Stooges Movie Johnny DeppOne of the most popular comedy shows of the '50s is definitely The Three Stooges. Even if some of us have had too much, even no contact with these three buffoons (Moe, Curly and Larry), American broadcast culture has become more than just classic.

In 2000, he was a movie made for television, you have Michael Chiklis in the role of Curly, which tells the story of the lives and careers of members of this band of comedians The Three Stooges. Considered quite successful film, aroused interest manufacturers, which now seems to already have in your head who wants to play a movie on the big screen.

The movie Three Stooges will be produced by the Farrelly Brothers, it seems that there will be a feature length film itself, but rather a series of 3 short films encapsulated in a single project, one after another.

Farrelly Brothers want to see Johnny Depp in the role of Moe (one of the Three Stooges). For the 3rd member of The Three Stooges, the studio has chosen a larger number of potential candidates, but no name has been officially declared.

Farrelly Brothers movie The Three Stooges will begin production after they finished filming the Farting Dog Walter the Jonas Brothers.