The Three Stooges in theatres 13 April 2012

There has been so much buzz about the Three Stooges movie for more than a year now. Being one of the most popular American television shows of all time, it is only understandable why the film adaptation has attracted various speculations as well as considerable hype. The stooges have truly cemented a potent legacy in American popular culture and at the same time commanded interest and familiarity with the world audience. These are the exact reasons why the film adaptation has been developed.

The Three Stooges Trailer 2

The Three Stooges Trailer 3

The Three Stooges movie is an adaptation of the television show with the same moniker that aired on American national television during the 60s. It starred Moe Howard, Joe DeRita and Larry Fine who completed the infamous and hilarious trio of Moe, Joe, and Larry. The show is a slapstick comedy which highlighted the three characters’ daily misadventures and foolhardiness. The TV show’s success is mainly attributed to its unapologetic humor and utter disregard for earnestness.

The 3 Stooges movie, just like the television show, will mimic the kind of slapstick comedy that the original Moe, Joe, and Larry achieved. This adaptation will feature some of Hollywood’s most esteemed actors including Chris Diamantopoulous who will play the role of Moe, Sean Hayes who claimed the Larry character, and Will Sasso who will portray the role of Curly.

Supporting cast includes Glee’s Jane Lynch as the Mother Superior who leads the orphanage where the trio was raised, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara as Lydia, and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson as Sister Rosemary. Cameo roles will also be played by an interesting pool of personalities including Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Jennifer “JWoww” Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Paul “Pauly-D” DelVecchio. With this motley cast, the movie will surely be a fun riot on the silver screen.

Before the three main characters have been given their respective roles, other Hollywood A-listers have been considered for The Three Stooges 2012. These A-listers include Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro, Hank Azaria, Jim Carrey, Johnny Knoxville from Jackass, Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live, Shane Jacobson, and two time Academy Award winner Sean Penn. For some reasons these actors were not able to commit to the project hence the roles were eventually given to Chris, Sean, and Will.

The Three Stooges trailer was already released both on national television as well as online. The trailer shows some interesting footages that truly promise a hilarious full length movie. Filming cost for the movie is said to have reached $30 million. Filming was done from May to July of 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Three Stooges movie is under the direction of Bobby and Peter Farrelly who are the same film makers that gave us unforgettable films such as Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, Me Myself and Irene, and Shallow Hal. The Farrelly brothers share producing duties with Bradley Thomas and Charles B. Wessler. The story concept was made by Mike Cerrone and was turned into a screenplay by the Farrelly brothers themselves.

The Three Stooges movie is set to premier on April 13, 2012. It was produced through the collaborative efforts of C3 Entertainment and Conundrum Entertainment. The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The Three Stooges 2012 has been under development for almost a decade. After a series of setbacks and dead ends, the production team has finally pulled it off. The film was successfully captured, edited, scored, and is now ready for release. The plot will involve Moe, Larry, and Curly in a desperate attempt to salvage the orphanage where they grew up in. After a series of misadventures, they will get involved in a murder plot that will eventually lead them to an unforeseen event in a reality show. This slapstick comedy is a modern rehash of the old Stooges exploits while sharing subtle commentaries on pop culture and Hollywood itself.

Make sure that you do not miss this latest Stooges film. If you have seen some clips or episodes of the classic Stooges films, and were able to enjoy them, you are most likely to enjoy this one even more considering its contemporary setting. Young or old, this film is a sure hit to any type of viewer. You do not have to be old to be able to relate with the latest Three Stooges movie.

Trailer The Three Stooges Remake with Paul Giamatti

The Three Stooges Remake with Paul GiamattiPaul Giamatti act good as a clown and is still very good clown for the remake of The Three Stooges. Actor (Sideways, Shoot em up) agreed to act in a remake of The Three Stooges, namely the role of Larry. Penn initially refused the role. The film will be directed by Peter Farelly. The Three Stooges was originally a concept of vaudeville, then moved to cinema. In short, it's about three clown (Larry, Curly and Moe), more gags, absurd humor of the situation and issues. Moe's role seems to have been accepted by Benicio Del Toro, and at Curly's is open again after Jim Carey refused (too bad).

The Three Stooges Trailer

Sean Penn about six months ago decided that no longer wants to play in the Farrelly brothers movie remake The Three Stooges, the reason he wanted to devote his time to his family.

Since then the project for The Three Stooges, which anyway is all home prepared for a long time, it went a little downhill. Even Jim Carey, who would play the role of Curly, he retired with elegance. The Three Stooges was to go into production in August, but the Farrelly brothers have not managed to find other players in time for The Three Stooges remake.

As a result, the two filmmakers were quick to make another movie, named Hail Pass comedy, starring Owen Wilson. Its production will begin next month in Atlanta. It seems that after they complete the comedy "filling" will return with new forces at long-delayed The Three Stooges (2012 ?). Moreover, Sean Penn, who is about to divorce Robin Wright Penn, will re-engage in this project.

"He'll came back," says Bobby Farrelly. "He wanted first to solve family problems."

It should be noted that Moe's role will be played by Benicio Del Toro, which was announced very interested in this comedy movie. Manufacturer no choice but to find a suitable actor for Curly.

The Three Stooges Movie Johnny Depp

The Three Stooges Movie Johnny DeppOne of the most popular comedy shows of the '50s is definitely The Three Stooges. Even if some of us have had too much, even no contact with these three buffoons (Moe, Curly and Larry), American broadcast culture has become more than just classic.

In 2000, he was a movie made for television, you have Michael Chiklis in the role of Curly, which tells the story of the lives and careers of members of this band of comedians The Three Stooges. Considered quite successful film, aroused interest manufacturers, which now seems to already have in your head who wants to play a movie on the big screen.

The movie Three Stooges will be produced by the Farrelly Brothers, it seems that there will be a feature length film itself, but rather a series of 3 short films encapsulated in a single project, one after another.

Farrelly Brothers want to see Johnny Depp in the role of Moe (one of the Three Stooges). For the 3rd member of The Three Stooges, the studio has chosen a larger number of potential candidates, but no name has been officially declared.

Farrelly Brothers movie The Three Stooges will begin production after they finished filming the Farting Dog Walter the Jonas Brothers.